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He's not always this pensive
“…When I say we’re different,
I really mean different.”

“Not hang-a-mountain-bike-on-an-exposed-brick-wall-different”

Tom Roberts

Founder and CEO of So What Media LTD


What Do You Require?


I need a transparent, accountable SEO service
that gets proper results.



I need fast, cost-effective PPC campaigns to drive
instant traffic to my businesses.


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We’re sick and tired of agencies popping up with ‘creative’ names and turgid methods.  The kind that like to ‘think outside the box’ with ‘innovative’ ideas – that are really the same regurgitated tactics that have been used for years.

For too long, both enterprise and small businesses alike have been paralysed by mediocrity.  They have suffered from campaigns that take weeks to set up and months (or years) to see average results.  They have had to put up with vague reporting about what work has been done, without knowing exactly what their thousands of pounds/dollars/euros has got them in return.  They have been over-charged, under-delivered and left unsatisfied.

Businesses need a service that is:

    • Accountable

They need a service where they know who is doing the work, why they are doing and what they have done – and not be obstructed by an army of account managers and outsourcers.

    • Affordable

They need a service that is competitively priced. Every business is different, every strategy is different and therefore every budget will be different. Businesses need flexibility.

    • Successful

They need their digital marketing to be successful. Success is not defined by rankings or traffic, as the typical agency would have you believe – it’s defined by revenue.

Does that sound like your business’ needs?

Welcome to:

So What Media – Digital Done Differently

So What? Media

What We Offer


Our incredibly effective SEO services (link somewhere) can help you rank for the right terms, earn the right organic traffic and get you the right results, no matter how competitive your industry is.


Our PPC campaign creation, execution and account management is second to none.  You will not find a more intricate system anywhere else.  Reduce spend and increase margins today.

Competitor Research

Ever wanted to know why your competitors are successful?  Leave it to us.  We will find for you every single trick in the book they’ve used – everything you could think of (and more).

Personal Approach

You will work someone who will meet you face-to-face, offer comprehensive support via phone, email and Skype, and provide a full report on everything they have done and why.


We know why you’re willing to put your trust in a company like us – and it’s not just to get pretty rankings or traffic levels.  It’s about putting more money in your pocket each month.

Zero Bullshit

You read that right.  You won’t be passed from person to person, you won’t be left in the dark regarding the work that has been done, and you won’t hear us bucking the responsibility.

Sounds like it’s just what you need?

Contact us now – 03333 442 568

Who We Are

We are the digital anti-agency.  So What Media is a collection of extremely talented SEO and PPC professionals who are driven by one thing:
to help your company earn extra business online.

We want you to feel that we are an extension of your current marketing team, rather than just an external agency that you pass off work to.

We have revolutionised the way businesses outsource their digital marketing.  Account Managers and Sales Consultants do not apply here.  When you work with us, the person you speak to on day one is the person who will get to know your business from top to bottom, put together a successful strategy for you and then execute that strategy.

No convoluted chain of command.

No speaking with people who have no idea how to run an SEO or PPC campaign.

Just Action.

Why did we take this approach?

This probably sounds familiar to you – a digital company trying to stand-out from the crowd.  Make no mistake, we’re trying to be different, but in our case our actions speak louder than words.

We’ve taken a completely different approach to the rest of the agencies in the world.  We’re offering a personalised service with a specialist consultant.  We’re focusing on three services that we are incredible at providing, we’ve stripped away all of the usual hassle you get with agencies – and what’s left is a fast, affordable service that gets you results.

And the reason why is simple: we genuinely believe that it helps us to do the job better.  And that job is to make you more money.
It’s as simple as that – that’s the only reason and should be the only reason.

We believe it does the job better because, not only does this setup provide all of the advantages of transparency and accountability, but it also allows you to genuinely connect with our consultants.  Knowing that they are the person running your project day in, day out, and just a call away, you can start bouncing ideas off each other, strategize together and so on, and our consultant begins to know and understand your business from top to bottom.

You just can’t get that at traditional agencies, and similarly individual freelancers do not have the collective years of experience, knowledge and mind-share that we have.

It’s Time to Bury The Agency

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